saturday gear envy


this saturday's gear envy includes some things we probably dont actually need, but thats what envy is, right?

1. the mountain twin splitboard. david has wanted a splitboard all year. snowboarding in the backcountry consists of using snowshoes when going to the top. a split board would allow david to skin up and then board down without all the extra gear.
2. a 70m Marathon Pro dry climbing rope. we all know a 70m rope is needed to rap down the grand. yes, it can be done with a 60m rope, but lets be honest. safer is better. 70m is better.
3. the Scarpa Rockette climbing shoe. i have narrow feet and the laces on my sportivas dont make the shoe tight enough.
4. a Jackson Kayak Fun Runner. this summer since we are all working at whitewater companies, i plan on getting out on the river more than ever.

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