Adventure in the Cirque of the Towers

My friend Josh and his wife Kelly came to visit MK and me in August of 2013. We had a great time hanging out around Jackson. Josh and I decided to go into the Wind River Range for some fishing, climbing, and adventure. We didn't get to do very much fishing, but the climbing was amazing and I can't wait to go back.

Adventure in the Cirque of the Towers, WY from A Love Letter to the Tetons on Vimeo.


Rained Out

A view of the hail storm from downtown Jackson.


Mount Owen - Koven Couloir

Last week, my friend Eric and I went up Mount Owen. The route was steep, the snow was soft, but we got up and down safely and got a great look at the cathedral traverse... After the climb, we walked down to Delta Lake where we feasted on almonds, candy bars, and glacial water. It was great to get another snow climb in before everything melts out, but I am looking forward to leaving the axe and crampons at home next time!

 Enjoy the video!

mt owen from A Love Letter to the Tetons on Vimeo


we're back...

We have been back in Jackson for a month now, but unfortunately have been unable to make any posts about our adventures because David lost my camera while he was in Minnesota.  Luckily, he has since acquired a GoPro and we have been able to use that more recently.

Our close friend Zach Braddock came to visit us from Denver last weekend. Zach is a very talented musician and I encourage all of you to check him out!

On Saturday, David and Zach climbed the Owen-Spalding route on the Grand Teton.  Here is a video David edited of their climb.
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