gear envy


this week's gear envy includes some things that you wouldn't consider gear*

1. the nalgene otg water bottle. mk has issues with walking and drinking out of her current big-mouth nalgene. this is also nifty for bike rides.
2. FABRIC for mk to make the superslacker rope bag. she's confident she can make it for half the price.
3. mr. coffee coffeemaker. we have real people jobs this summer. oh wait, no we dont. but we do have to be at work at 6:30am.
4. the kelsyus floating cooler. our other cooler was lost in a little accident on the snake a few weeks ago.
5. the zodiac gear sling. because the trad gear is starting to get in the way.
6. mountain hardwear versteeg rain jacket. david's rain jacket is done-zo.

*but we want them anyways.

1 comment:

mom said...

I thought you didn't drink coffee anymore and I think I need that cooler too! mom

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