Teewinot. The East Face.

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Teewinot has been a goal of mine since I moved here last summer. I had been saving the route as a solo project when I could not find anyone to climb with. Here is a timeline of how it went:

4:40 AM: Started the hike. Feeling paranoid about seeing a bear.
6:15: Made it to the apex. Ran into some hard snow and had to chop steps with my ax.
8:00: Summit.
10:25 AM: After some steep down-climbing, I ran down the switchbacks and finally made it back to the car.

I almost didn't bring bear spray or an ice ax, but looking back I don't think I would have completed the climb without either.

MK is headed to Costa Rica for the week! Stay tuned for some pictures of her trip!

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Anonymous said...

Wowzer! Great solo effort David. Really pretty pics too. You are seeing and experiencing things deeply, in a way not many have the privilege, opportunity, or the will to. Enjoy the moments and stay safe!

Love- Dad

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