Road Trip: Colorado and Vedauwoo.

Last week I went out to Colorado to meet my dad and do some climbing. We stayed at at a friend's house which was a five minute bike ride from great single-track trails and alluring rock at Lory State Park. While other's rested from a mountain bike ride, Bruce and I tried to find something to stick some gear into at Arthur's Rock, but ended up just bouldering,avoiding rattlesnakes, and scrambling around.
The next day, my dad, Bruce, and I drove to Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked to Sundance Buttress to climb Kor's Flake (5.7) which was said to be a classic. We got up two pitches of fun climbing when we reached an impasse. Our guidebook was at least 30 years old, and failed to mention that a couple of Big Bros or huge cams were needed to protect the third pitch. I guess climbers were just a little bolder back then. We decided to turn back and found a fun, challenging 5.11 finger crack to burn out on.
I had to head back to Jackson the next day, but we decided to get on some fat cracks in Vedauwoo, WY before parting ways. It was labor day weekend and the main area was crowded with people. We drove a short distance to an area that seemed open and found some great routes at the Poland Hill area. I had been wanting to climb one of Vedauwoo's classic off-width routes which led me to Fantasia; the most exhausting 5.9 I have ever done. The wind was fierce and the people were many, but we still managed to have a great time. Bloody and content, I said my goodbyes and headed home.

Arthur's Rock, Lory State Park, CO.

Rattlesnake at Arthur's Rock.
Twin Owls, Lumpy Ridge, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.
Lumpy Ridge.
Sundance Buttress, Lumpy Ridge.
Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park.
Dad and me about to climb Kor's Flake (5.7), Sundance Buttress.
Bruce and Dad after pitch 1.
Vedauwoo, WY.
Dad on the belay at Poland Hill, Vedauwoo.
Me on Fantasia (5.9), Poland Hill.
Trip to Colorado1
Goodbye Vedauwoo!


Anonymous said...

Great travelogue and photos David! Loved seeing the pics so soon. What a wonderful time we had. Look forward to seeing you soon again son!

Tim said...

Good fun and beautiful places.. Next time I'll bring the "Big Bro"!

melissa gregory said...

Amazing pictures. A story well told. So descriptive that I could smell the air. A parting shot bittersweet & beautiful, as if the land, rock & sky bid to you farewell while you said your goodbyes. Forever gifted with memories of hard work over hard rock. Fresh air & a cacophony from wind swirling & rocks shifting. Moans & groans of moving up & safely down. Greeted by a coil, sudden rattle, quiet talk & friendly laughter. Thank you for the tales from your adventure.

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