Baxter's Pinnacle: One Last Hurrah!


October 18th, 2012. Baxter's Pinnacle: my final climb in the Tetons of the year. My friend Scott and I decided it was worth the effort to go see if this route had any snow on it. It didn't. 

Awesome climbing and awesome weather for October, and a great way to cap off the year.
From the adventure of Mount Moran to the technical difficulties of Dihedral of Horrors and Do It For Doug, it's been a fantastic season of climbing. MK and I will be going back to school in the spring, but we are going to try to squeeze in some climbing on our way. We plan to come back to Jackson next summer and already have a number of outings planned...

Here are some pictures from my last climb of the season. Stay tuned for pictures of our road trip through Devil's Tower, The Needles, and more!





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