Rainy Day Reading

May 9th, the day I leave for Jackson, is only a few weeks away and I'm getting restless.  The weather recently in South Carolina has been beautiful, warm and sunny, but today its cold and rainy and I am stuck inside.  Its making me even more restless. So I'm disappearing to a foreign place today, a book that my father suggested.    
Whenever we go to my Dad's house for dinner, he tells about the latest book he finished then gives it to us to read.  By now, my brothers and I have read many books given to us by our Dad.  Mostly non-fiction mixed with spiritual and self-help fiction, all the books tell stories of strong, determined individuals and how after they cope with the ill circumstances life has given them, they ultimately succeed successfully. Its kind of like a family book club.  
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand has been passed around from my Dad to my brothers and then to David and now to me.  Unbroken is the true story of former Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini during World War II after his plane went down over the Pacific.  I don't want to give too much away, but this is an INCREDIBLE story of survival and perseverance. The things this man went through proves how strong human being are emotionally as well as physically.  I would suggest this book to everyone! 

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