Rained Out

A view of the hail storm from downtown Jackson.

   This morning David and I woke up before dawn, ate a quick breakfast and headed out to the park. The weather had called for thunderstorms but decided to take our chances since so far this summer my days off haven't allowed me to climb anything with him yet.
   When we arrived in the park, there were intense dark clouds hiding the grand, teewinot, the middle and Moran. We decided it was best to turn back than risk weather and possibly leaving gear.
I'm glad we turned back because about 3 hours later, it was hailing and the storm hasn't let up much all day.
David's pants! I put my label in them since I made them of of course!

   To pass the time being stuck inside, I made David a pair of climbing shorts. I was given some really cool moisture wicking wool fabric with a lot of lateral stretch to them. The plaid was intense but they turned out nicely. David requested a pocket so I made a double one with a zipper. It always sucks when you have to bail on a climb, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!


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