Jackson Hole: Summer Camp for "Adults"

MK and David climbing at Corbet's Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Well, it's only been 3 days, but we've already had a fantastic weekend with David's father, Dan, and his friend Bruce.  Leif, David's brother, arrives tomorrow evening.  They arrived Wednesday, which was perfect since it was our first weekend day.  We climbing in the evening at Rodeo Wall, which proved to be quite entertaining.  MK and our friend Lanny were leading up climbs on the wall, when we heard this CRAZY loud booming sound.  We thought rock fall, but turned to the road and saw a pickup truck had hopped the two lanes and slammed into the guardrail, hanging over it, with 30 feet of nothing below dropping into the Snake River.  Lanny acted quickly and called the proper people and we saw this morning that the man driving had been arrested for a DUI.  So that explains that.  

Dan and Bruce double ducky-ing on the Snake River

Most of the gang

Dan doing a headstand IN THE DUCKY. Note Bruce's face.

Group stop to re-beer

More refueling

JD, Camber, John, Laura, Bruce, Dan, David, Francis, MK


MK and Laura on the SUP

David and Dan

Coming around the last bend.

Thursday, a group of us floated from South Park to West Table on the Snake River.  We were out there all day and only suffered minor sunburns.  The river was flowing pretty fast and we made it to the take out just before it got too dark.  Laura and I started in the single duckies, while Bruce and Dan were in the tandem and David and Francis attempted the SUPs.  We ran into John, Camber and JD at a few little islands and had a mini party.  The day was long and great.  

David on the south wall in Corbet's Couloir

Dan belaying Bruce in Corbet's


Bruce again
Dan and the Tram

MK and Dan hanging out in Corbet's

Dan climbing in Corbet's

Dan got a free cup for filling out a survey at the base.

MK and Dan climbing

Today, Friday, we went to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and took the Tram up to the top of Rendezvous Peak.  From there, we hiked down a few feet to Corbet's Couloir.  We rapped into the couloir and set up an anchor to begin climbing.  There were some great routes that made for a fun and easy afternoon.  We had only one minor incidents: someone threw a rock off the top into the Couloir and the rock hit Bruce in the head (luckily he had a helmet on), but was fine.  We then hiked over to the Gondola and the Deck for Happy Hour.  Overall, it's been a great weekend of climbing and rafting with more to come this week!

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