First off we wanted to say Happy 21st Birthday to Gantt! It's weird to think you are that old even though you tower over me. Also, Happy belated Birthday to Liz! And sorry we didn't get yall anything. We're poor.

Secondly, we have been super busy with our new jobs (I'm at work right now). So sorry for not updating on our recent climbs.  We will next week when things calm down. AND David has a new job at the hospital! yay David!

Since we may not have time to do an update before Sunday, we wanted to say Happy Father's Day to our wonderful fathers!
Thank you for being supportive in our moves out to Jackson as we know this isn't the typical path to successful careers, but we are happy. We know we are extremely blessed to come from such amazing families that have our backs no matter what.  Sorry we didn't get yall anything either. Again, poor.

MK's Dad and brothers

David's Dad and brother

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