Baxter's Pinnacle

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Yesterday, MK and I climbed Baxter's Pinnacle. We took the first boat across the lake and got up and down before the weather turned. We didn't think about it too much, but later heard reports of a climber who fell while navigating the Middle Teton. We take a lot of measures to avoid situations like this, and our thoughts go out to the fallen climber's family.
The last picture on this post is a climbing registration document from when my dad and uncle (Dan and Tim Olsen) climbed the same route almost 36 years ago.
We want to thank you, our readers, for all of your comments. We love hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

way too cool. love ya'll - mom

Anonymous said...

Great day you 2. Fun to see the ol' registration. Where'd ya get it? My bro sent me a copy from the summit of the grand registration the same year I think. Keep up the fun. Stay safe. Love- Dad

MK and David said...


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