gear envy

1.  Patagonia Freewheeler Gear Bag:  Many of you know that my awesome Dad is taking me and my bros to Costa Rica in two weeks.  I will be shoving all my clothes and what not into a backpack.  I do not own any real luggage and with all the traveling I plan on doing pretty soon, the Freewheeler bag is the perfect size to lug around just about anything.

2. Self-Rescue, 2nd Edition (A Falcon Guide):  Getting back out in the mountains was amazing.  All of my stress has gone away and I feel the best I have felt since December.  But dealing with an injury has made me more wary of the dangers that can come while taking advantage of everything the Tetons has to offer. Self-Rescue know-how is a definite necessity.

3. Metolius Nut Tool: Unfortunately, we had to leave behind one nut on the Cube Point climb yesterday.  The nut tool we have now just wouldn't move it.  The Metolius tool would have been super helpful.

4. The BioLite CampStove:  This little gem is the size of a Nalegene, cooks your hot dogs, doesn't need any fuel AND charges your phone/iPod while camping.  Since most of the Bridger-Teton National Forest is still in extreme fire danger and no one is allowed to have a camp fire, the BioLite CampStove is a car camping MUST!

5. The Climber Pouch:  Another camping must.  The red or white wine comes in a lightweight re-sealable pouch that has %90 less waste than two glass bottles and an %80 lower carbon footprint.

6. Suunto Core:  Last on our list is the thing we need the most.  Our Casio watches have just about run out of juice and you can barely read the screen because of all the scratches.  The Core Alpine Edition  has everything we could want in a watch: altimeter, compass, barometer, alarm, depth meter and a thermometer. Basically its the coolest thing you can put on your wrist. We want them so bad!

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