So all of you know that we love climbing out here in Jackson, but my other favorite thing to do is make clothes.  I've posted how to make a chalk bag and dog collar and the time I taught my friend Gabby to sew.  This past week, between everything else we had going on, I made a little dress that I wore to, our friend, Jeremy's 30th birthday party/the TGR Dream Factory premier in the Village.  I saw something in a magazine that cost $350 (yeah, right) and I liked it, so I made it. This blog's primary purpose is for our families to see what is going on in our lives, so the posts may not always be epic climbing adventures, but will also include the other fun stuff that we do from time to time :)  


Anonymous said...

Wow MK! Love the dress. Well done. I know how much patience and perseverance it takes to sew well, my Mom taught me the basics when I was a kid, and I sewed these funky outdoor product 'kits' called Frostline Kits. Always lost my patience on the zippers. Anyways. Neat skill set, and it looks sharp.

Dan O

MK and David said...

Thanks Mr. O. I had a nice time making it. Zippers are pretty touch. I unfortunately take a lot of short cuts when making things for myself because I lose patience as well.
i hope all is great in Northfield. We will see yall in October. I already told David I wanted to go pick apples and do a corn maze if yall have them!


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