Teewinot, The Tunnel Route (12,325).

For being a 5.6 climb, the tunnel route was one of the most adventurous climbs I have done in the Tetons. The route traverses the steep and crumbly north face of Teewinot through a series of extremely exposed ramps. No one we knew had done this climb, and routefinding was one of the biggest obstacles that my partner Scott and I faced. The air was cold, but our spirits were high as we carefully made our way through the rubble and finally into the sunlight and onto the summit.

Fall beginning to show its colors high in the Tetons.

The many summits of Teewinot.
Scott passing the worshiper and the idol on a very smokey morning.
Crossing the crooked thumb couloir. We didn't have ice axes so we slung a horn and rappelled it.
Scott traversing part of the very exposed ramp system.
 Scott finding his way through the loose rock.
The daunting north face of the Grand Teton.
Me on the summit of Teewinot.

-Story and photos by David Olsen

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