Cobble Cobble

This past "weekend", we went to Ten Sleep. Wait, no. Scratch that. We went to Maple Canyon, Utah. Our original plan had been to go to Ten Sleep, but the crazy cold winter weather most of Wyoming just experienced, forced us to rethink our trip.  We instead traveled to warm and sunny Utah and are so happy we did.

About 2 hours south of Salt Lake City is Maple Canyon.  The canyon is formed of crazy conglomerate rock that is referred to as cobble and literally looks like a cobblestone street, but vertical.

The routes and moves were unlike pretty much anything we had seen before.  The cobbles make for seemingly endless perfect foot holds, but were a little tricky to grab on to. We all agreed the holds reminded us of gym climbing with big slopers and knobs.  Once we warmed up and got a feel for the way the routes were set and how they moved, everything was super fun.  There was a little something for everyone: really long classic 5.8s up to 5.13 completely overhanging cave climbs and everything was perfectly bolted.

Overall, we had an amazing time climbing and the camping was pretty sweet too.  We managed to show up with absolutely no agenda and everything just seemed to fall into place. We landed a neat little camping spot next to two Silicon Valley family guys on a week-long climbing trip who shared their fire, their stories and their scotch.  Every single person we met there was extremely friendly and generous, allowing us to jump on their ropes or use their gear.

We're already planning our trip back.

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