Party of 8

Hello there! We finally have done something this summer worthy of a post.  We've been back in Jackson two weeks now.  This "weekend", our friends from Denver came to visit. 6 of them. We decided that with the snow conditions up high and how big our party was, we would do a fun hike up to Surprise and Amphitheater Lakes on Disappointment Peak.  The day proved to be a great adventure.

The snow started early and was pretty brutal on the way up. Once we reached the lakes, we stopped and had lunch on a boulder in Amphitheater Lake. David dropped his phone into the dark, glacial abyss and is currently phoneless.  On the way down, the snow had turned slushy so that we could glissade and essentially run down most of the snowy part.  It was a lot of fun and we made it down to the trail very quickly.  

Hiking down the switchbacks proved to be an adventure all to its own.  We encountered 3 bears, one probably a little too close, a few marmots, a fun fox and a moose.  It drizzled a little bit, but not enough for it to stop our descent. Over all the day was great and was the perfect way for all of our guests to experience the Tetons.

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