Margaritas, Moose and 'Merica

Hey there!
We have had a super busy week here in Jackson.  Between working, floating the river, climbing, interviewing, happy hours, beerbee, interning, cooking out, babysitting and essentially living the dream, we haven't gotten around to making any posts recently.  No worries! Today is a double post of our most recent climb and some 4th of July Snake River goodness.

The crowds of booze-loving, river-running, Americans at the put in
John and Camber

We had an amazing time with wonderful people floating the Snake River.  We had rafts and SUPs and duckies and a lot of beer. The rain held out until we were off the river and cleared up just in time for one seriously patriotic rooftop grill out/fireworks viewing party next to Snow King. I made us burgers and dogs and after discovering my natural knack for grilling, we (I) made some grilled fish and steak tacos two nights ago with some friends at the casa. 

John, Giles, MK, Chris, Camber, and David

John and Camber
David rocking some handstand yoga SUPing
David attempting something
fireworks at Snow King
It was a gorgeous night and we played beerbee outside in the backyard. We ended up making frozen maragaritas which could have possibly been a bad idea since David and I had to wake up the following morning at 5:30 to catch the first boat across Jenny Lake for some climbing.

We made the first boat, in rough shape, and climbed the super fun 6 pitches on Guide's Wall.  David's co-worker Laura joined us.  We managed to be the first ones and the first ones off the climb making our go easy and exciting (probably not so much for the 4 parties behind us). The two pitches, David linked together, so there was a bit of a communication issue; that being we couldn't hear each other at all.  Two other parties started leading from a different variation on the final pitch which caused the mother of all traffic jams with 4 people climbing in one 50 foot stretch of beautiful Teton granite.  We were already on the route, David leading, me cleaning and Laura following on a separate rope.  I was less concerned with my hand jams and foot placements and more focused on the guy above me, praying his foot wouldn't slip and his 180 pound body end up taking me with him in his fall.  I found a good resting spot and held back until the guys were finished leading then high tailed it up the last 30 feet or so before their followers had a chance to get going. 

Laura on Guide's Wall

David belaying

The rappels were nice, either bolted or from solid trees, and combining our 60m and 70m ropes, we made it down in no time at all.  On our hike back down Cascade Canyon, we saw a moose hanging out and drinking some water in the little marsh areas. 

Cascade Canyon

Mr. Moose

We made the boat and were back in Jackson for some 1/2 off wings and drinks at happy hour! 

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