cube point. old school.

{mk's first multi-pitch climb since surgery}

DSCN3171 DSCN3170 DSCN3169 DSCN3158 DSCN3144

Guess who's back on the alpine scene?! Six months after having her ACL and lateral meniscus surgically repaired from a skiing accident, MK is finally back in the mountains! Cube point was a perfect way for MK to get reacquainted with climbing, and she did great! We did this one old school. No cams. Only nuts and hexes. The day was a great success despite scaring a grizzly cub (luckily mama wasn't around) and seeing a rock fly between us at 100 mph on the way down. I have been in hanging canyon twice this year and seen grizzlies both times. Keep checking for new posts to see more of us in action!


Anonymous said...

Way to go MK! That's a bit of a hump just to get to. Another beautiful day in that beautiful place you guys live in. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Think I posted my comment in the wrong place...good to see your smile ! Be safe,....love SC Dad

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